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A Writer Writes, Always....

The line from the film 'Throw Mama from the Train' about two very different aspiring writers sometimes drift in and out of my mind as I am working on a story. It really is true in the sense that a writer never quite shuts off that project that they are working on. Every little thing that happens, whether it's playing with the kids, going on vacation, or even the daily grind at work, are potential sources of inspiration.

I refer to it as 'The Sickness'. You find yourself asking friends and relatives for opinions about story lines, characters and what you think they might do in a given situation. It is like the way role playing games suck people in and never let them go.

Other writers are tight-lipped about their stories. They fear criticism and ridicule (or if your famous, someone stealing your ideas). One of the things that I have discovered on my journey into writing, is that you have to toss out that thin skin and get yourself a much thicker one. Criticism can be useful if you open your mind to the possibility of learning something new. It doesn't always take the sting out of a critique, but you end up less bitter about it if you bring it in and examine it on its merit.

Here's hoping that you can live with your 'sickness' with some grace.

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