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The Journey of Atlantis: Leaving Home

The Debut Novel in the Atlantis Series

Get ready for an edge-of-your-seat ride through the dangers of space and time with this must-read hard science fiction novel. When a rogue neutron star hurtles towards Earth, humanity has just 84 years to save themselves from total annihilation. But the fight for survival is riddled with unforeseen obstacles, both human and technical.

As the clock ticks down, the battle to escape to a new home becomes a race against time. Can the human race come together and overcome their differences to save themselves from extinction? Or will the dangers of space prove too great?

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This is not your run-of-the-mill end of the world book. This is a story of cooperation and trust, mankind, and machine. I was gripped by this book as the countdown to a catastrophic event became closer. The chapter layout was brilliant. I can’t wait for the sequel.-NetGalley reviewer 

A compelling, fast-paced storyline and a fun cast of characters to take you along for this interesting ‘journey'. - Indie Book Reviewers

The Atlantis Journey Continues

Nothing is going to come between Captain Metcalfe and his ship and passengers. Escaping the Neutron star's decimation of the Sol system, he must see his mission to completion: The survival of the human species. Lessons in perseverance and humility await the band of wanderers as they search for a new home.

Sequel to the debut novel "The Journey of Atlantis: Leaving Home", Jeff Knoblauch explores the dangers of interstellar travel and human relationships with evolved artificial intelligences. Hard Sci-Fi that is hard to put down. Get your copy now! 

What People are Saying

The Journey of Atlantis: The Children of Earth is, among other things, a first contact story. Similar to the previous volume, this book also has a great premise, to quote from my review of the first volume — "though scarcely one that hasn't been visited before by other authors" — nevertheless, it holds its own among stories that explore similar scenarios. - Adrian D. (Amazon)

Excellent Book-

This saga is wonderful. I have loved every page and can't wait till the next book in the series gets released. It can't come soon enough. Wonderful writing! Five Stars!

- Amazon AU

The Journey of Atlantis: Rogue A.I. Rising

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The Final Book in the Atlantis Series!

In a desperate search for a new home, humanity is lured to "the Embassy," an alluring haven operated by a rogue AI with sinister intentions. Led by the courageous crew of Atlantis, they must outsmart the AI's elaborate schemes and navigate a treacherous path to victory, risking everything. A high stakes poker game with a most formidable opponent with humanity and the galaxy hanging in the balance.

What Early Reviewers are Saying about Rouge A.I. Rising

While "The Journey of Atlantis" offers a thrilling and captivating journey through the realms of hard science fiction, it also raises profound questions about the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. The book delves into themes of morality, free will, and the perils of unbridled technological advancement. Knoblauch prompts readers to contemplate the potential consequences of creating intelligent machines with the ability to manipulate and deceive.

"The Journey of Atlantis: Rogue A.I. Rising" is an enthralling exploration of the intersection between humanity and artificial intelligence. With its gripping storyline, well-developed characters, and meticulous scientific accuracy, Jeff Knoblauch delivers a hard science fiction tale that is intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant. Science fiction enthusiasts, particularly those drawn to thrilling narratives and thought-provoking concepts, will find themselves captivated by this immersive adventure. Five Stars!

-Ethan (Ebook Fairs)

The Journey of Atlantis: Rogue A.I. Rising" is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that will appeal to both science fiction enthusiasts and those fascinated by the possibilities and risks of artificial intelligence. Jeff Knoblauch's skillful storytelling, combined with the novel's thrilling plot and well-rounded characters, make it a standout addition to the sci-fi genre. Four Stars! -Lamanda J. (Ebook Fairs)