Jeff Knoblauch and WatKnob Books


I think I'm a pretty regular guy. I have worked hard and tried to do the right thing. I had always known that if you wanted something you had to go out and get it. You have to make dreams come true. They don't happen all by themselves.

Off and on during my life I tried to write something. I never went very far because I didn't know how to put my ideas to paper and I got discouraged.

Then a thought experiment took hold of me. Just how would someone put together a 65 mile long Ark ship in a short amount of time and how many people could you carry on the journey?

Suddenly it all laid out to me like a movie. I frantically wrote down the movie and poof it became my first book. My background as a laboratory scientist for many years brought an analytical angle to the story. I so enjoyed creating the story I did it again. Two more times! I'm getting the hang of it. I'm afraid my marketing skills leave something to be desired however, I think that is true of most writers.

I enjoy living in Missouri and approaching retirement. When I retire I expect I will be doing a lot more honey-dos and a lot more writing. Look for more stories from yours truly then!

Your pen pal-- Jeff Knoblauch